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Discover exclusive treatment that offers unparalleled efficiency and relaxation.

Are fatigue and stress getting you down? Unwind, relax, learn how to breathe again…
endermologie® Well-Being treatments will recharge your batteries, relax your muscles, combat stress and leave you feeling refreshed while taking care of your body.

Well-being in your beauty center


Relaxation Treatment

Relaxes areas of muscle tension, eliminates stress and brings a deep sense of relaxation. For the balance of body and mind.


Fluid mobilization Treatment

Stimulates circulatory exchanges to fight water retention and drain toxins: the skin feels “reoxygenated”. For an immediate boost and sense of lightness.


endermopuncture Treatment

An exceptional treatment that simultaneously stimulates adipocytes (slimming cells), fibroblasts (youth cells), and their environment for maximum efficiency. Refines your body and smooths cellulite.

Well-being SPA
Prelude (20 min) - Extreme (60 min) Treatments


Relaxation Treatment

Prelude (20 min) - Extreme (60 min) Treatments. Inspired by the Japanese Katakori massages, sink into a deep and lasting state of relaxation. This treatment can be combined with the use of hot stones on the back.


Revitalizing Treatment

Prelude (20 min) - Extreme (60 min) Treatments. This treatment releases tension and refocuses the body’s energy. The breathing exercises involved encourage the body to relax and unwind.


Toning Treatment

Prelude (20 min) - Extreme (60 min) Treatments. This treatment is ideal following significant weight loss or for skin that lacks tone. The intense cell stimulation restores density and radiance.


Detoxifying Treatment

Prelude (20 min) - Extreme (60 min) Treatments. Relaxation for the neck and back. Aesthetic lymphatic drainage of the legs or whole body including the arch of the foot, the ankles, and the face.

Intensive therapy spa
2 to 6-day retreats


Intensive detoxifying Therapy

Face and body treatment program for 90 min/day.
• The combination of the endermologie® technique and digitopuncture
• endermologie® modeling will release all forms of muscular tension from the upper back
• One step focusing on the solar plexus helps the body to fully unwind
• Complete facial regeneration with the endermopuncture treatment, and special attention paid to the eye contour (puffiness and dark circles)


Intensive anti-aging Therapy

Face and body treatment program for 90 min/day.
• Full body, face and neck massage as well as the chest and hands
• Cellular Regeneration face treatment with the application of a peeling skincare product
• Targeted treatment to improve skin density


Intensive mommy makeover Therapy

Face and body treatment program for 90 min/day.
• Lymphatic drainage for the face and body
• Targeted firming treatment for the abdomen and waist
• Cellular regeneration for the face and neck
• Targeted treatment of puffiness and dark circles

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